Jezblog is 4!

Four years ago, British photojournalist Jez Coulson (seen previously here on P-D) was photographing the Katrina disaster and began to post images on his brand new blog. He went on to show more tough images from New Orleans.  A couple of my favourites are these:

Jez photographs not only the human impact of events like Katrina but also manages to capture some of the more disturbing aspects of our experience. HE has continued to blog and the fantastic spread of his talent is apparent in a viewing of the eclectic archive page on Jezblog.  

Here you will see images from 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland, Bosnia peacekeepers, misty mornings in NYC and the Blue Ridge mountains, portraits of Obama and 50 Cent, Bush and Brown, kids in Glasgow or Ghana, British skinheads, beaches in the Virgin Islands, a cat on a window ledge, studio shots, street photography and every image is a winner.

No surprise that Jezblog was noted in the Sunday Times and has gone from strength to strength currently leading the Photoblog Community photojournalism poll.  You can vote here

Oh yes, he also likes taxis. Mad taxis. Lots of them.

 PS.  And if you have seen his Macbook Pro - left yesterday on a Delta flight into Newark NYC - he would like it back!!!

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