Between the Images and Words

Another image from my 'Edges' series taken down by the sea.  

Today on Burn, Jan Adamski, a 22 year-old Polish born photographer, said, "It is truly complex to use images and words to express something that goes beyond any thought, feeling or sensation." I think that is my experience of working with these seascapes; the camera 'sees' something that we can't.  We intuitively know of these flows and their shapes but we don't experience or see them in this way. So the camera shows us something we know but never directly experience and probably couldn't adequately describe in words. (Well, I don't think I could...)

Composer Claude Debussey said, 'Music is the space between the notes.'

I wonder if there is a visual equivalent; a space between the image and our experience? Any ideas?

Steve Marshall6 Comments