A Photo-Dialogue in the Philippines

Always on the Photo-Dialogue trail, I'm loving the 'A Photo-Dialogue' blog put together by Filipino couple Jordan and Jo.

As they say on their blog, Jordan and Jo share a camera and a love of photography ...(and each other)... and it shows beautifully on their blog.  They take turns to post pictures and write to each other through the blog.  The insights into their life are gorgeous. Here are a couple of examples - each is, of course, accompanied by a photograph (check their blog to see the pictures).

From Jo to Jordan: "When you introduced me to Arcade Fire's latest album, The Suburbs, and jokingly said it was Neil Young singing, I almost believed you, except that I'm familiar enough with Neil Young's voice to know better. Little by little, the songs on that album began to connect with me, and I wondered about their meanings."

From Jordan to Jo: "We first got close through texting, when cellphones were lumbering gadgets that didn't have cameras built in them. I wouldn't have been able to take this photo that time, much more put my cellphone in my pocket."

I'm fascinated by the way the pictures and the images work together to add context and really help the reader to feel part of the conversation.  It's a lovely, emergent story of a couple of seemingly everyday folks and their care and love for each other.  

Well worth a follow....


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