I was taking a walk through Helsinki with my client, AM, who was showing me the old Olympic village.  It seems that way back in '52 the Olympics were curiously about sport; the whole 'Olympic Village' was just a couple of stadia and some playing fields.  Now, it seems we need to build a whole new city to sponsor the games....

It was probably about 10.00pm when I stopped to take this shot. The conversation went a bit like this...

"What are you waiting for?"

"That jet."


"The contrail...I just wanna get it exactly right...."

"You are very sad...."

"I know....   but I just wanna get it exactly right...."

AM's patience was, I will admit, wearing slightly thin.  I had just been waiting for a hot air balloon to slowly drift into a shot only to realise that, after a considerable while and much pacing up and down from AM, it was going in the opposite direction!


Ah well, win some, lose some ;-) 


Steve MarshallComment