Going Home

I was hanging out in in the hotel bar in Helsinki hatching evil plans when I met Mike, who suggested we walk around the corner and get something to eat.

Mike was celebrating; this was his 23rd trip to Helsinki and possibly his last, and he was looking forward to getting home to Canada to see his family.  It was my 3rd visit to Helsinki and I was  looking forward to getting home too...  Don't assume though that Helsinki isn't a great place - I'd like to go again - but maybe with the Marshall Tribe too ;-)

Anyway, one of the bad deals about sharing a table with me is that a) I am going to take your photo and, b) if I'm working the next day I'm going to stay sober.  Which means you might need to drink my share ;-)

But Mike did persuade me to have a sneaky vodka - it was worth it.  But what was really special was Mike's stories of home, his wife, his amazing kid - and just spending time listening to someone who I should really have nothing in common with but actually, he's a Dad, he works hard, he loves his family...  What more do you need?

Anyway...the stories... so there was Mike and his brother... a million miles from anywhere in a Newfoundland  hunting shack..... and there was this noise....   and then there was a massive bull-moose... and then there is the running like crazy part while being chased by the moose... oh, I guess vodka probably played no part whatsoever...;-))