Intricate Beauty by Design

I haven't spent much time at recently but today I was delighted to find this video by Marian Bantjes.



Not only is Marian's work extraordinary but her take on the use of visual arts is really exciting.  She says that she is 'mystified as to why the visual wealth is not more commonly used to share intellectual wealth' and claims that 'truly imaginative visual work is extremely important to society'.

What I particularly enjoyed was Marian's quality criteria for her work:

  • Does it bring joy?
  • Is there a sense of wonder?
  • Does it evoke curiosity?

Good enough, I reckon for anyone working creatively in the commercial sector or, indeed, just about anywhere else.

Finally, if you are thinking that photo-dialogue has changed shape the you are right.  It will take me a while to work this through but I'm preparing for more pictures, more galleries, more dialogues...  Hope you enjoy it!


Steve MarshallComment