Chris Jordan - the plastic in our oceans

You'll know that I am a massive fan of Chris Jordan and have previously featured his work here on Photo-Dialogue.  I regularly use his work when I speak about 'Sustainability Leadership'; his images are showstoppers.



This PopTech video shows some of Chris's latest work; images taken on Midway Island of birds that have ingested plastic.  

Plastic in the seas off Midway?  This tiny island is thousands of miles away from major human settlements but the plastic we thoughtlessly dump travels on the ocean currents and causes carnage in the local ecosystem.

As ever, Chris's delivery is thoughtful and humble, during his presentation he asks us not to applaud (the situation on Midway is is nothing to clap about); he simply asks us to hold our response to the photographs.

He finishes by saying; "It seems like this is something we should all be talking about."

Steve MarshallComment