Back then.


It's been quiet time at LWOE during the last few weeks; good family moments though the craziness is about to kick off again soon.

I've been designing a new, expanded website (apearing here soon!) and during that process was reviewing some of the events and moments that have made my work happen.

I found my old Olympus OM-2 in a box in one of our storerooms. It's in remarkably good nick though there is some internal damage to the pentaprism.  Several years ago, that camera was a permanent fixture around my neck; small, light and with some ferocious optics and electronics.

I loved it and I took this picture after seeing an @ricknunn picture on the wall of my fave local coffee shop. He made a similar image of a favourite camera so I'm grateful for his inspiration.

But I really remember my old Olympus as a birthday gift.  I seriously needed that camera - I was launching off to London, studying photography, starting and new career and selling my pictures. Of course, I had absolutely no money -  and there was just no way my Mum could afford photo-kit so I know it was a birthday present she paid for on the never-never.... It must have been really tough for her...

Parents do that.  And when they do, thay make memories for us.

Things are different now but I've always known that my OM-2 was more than just any old 35mm film camera.  

And now my Mum is sick so that old camera is suddenly a whole lot more special.

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