Under our feet


A few days ago I was hanging out with Louis Parsons at his Gloucester studio where he began to guide me through a short meditation on a series of his amazing soulscape images.  

I love artist's studios.  There is something about the intersection of intent, care, skill and talent with the often basic raw materials that I find fascinating. I get even more excited when exotic materials are used and my ears pricked up when Louis announced that he was considering embedding diamonds in his paintings! 

Yet my picture is a massive conceptual shift away from mega-bejewelled canvases... 

This is the paint-spattered floor of the studio. An accidental, unintentional jewel that glistered under our feet as we spoke. It has left me pondering where my soul would lie and I'm pretty sure it would be wrapped up in the moments of accidental creativity, chance and synchronicity.

Yes, for me the diamonds lie in the ordinary and the otherwise ignored...

Is that the credo of the photo-dialoguer?

Steve MarshallComment