7 Days; Day 5 - The guitar...


Throughout this short inquiry, I've used a range of technology from high-end pro-cameras to my daughter's iPod. This image was made on the latter by my son - and, yes, just because it's my inquiry it doesn't mean I have to make all the pictures. In a visual inquiry, we are interested in meaning, not authorship, technique or cameras.

This is a 'share-guitar' that I had wanted for maybe 30 years before I finally bought it for my son to celebrate his hard work and examination results (how else could I justify it...?). Of course, I have to admit that, at the tender age of 12, he is showing more ability and potential than I ever have.

But, hey... Who cares - we plug it into a 'Marshall' amplifier (of course...) and that Gibson just makes such a good noise!

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