7 Days; Day 6 - Vision


What is it about margins and edges...? These kind of boundaries and the juxtapositions that accompany them always fascinate me. 

I've been in sunny Newcastle working with an old friend, D, for a day of visual inquiry into the nature of 'vision' in both the organisational and personal sense. Our process was to walk and talk, and photograph when we felt moved to...  The nature of this kind of reflective process, one I frequently use with clients is then to reflect and to 'notice our noticing'.

So, as I look back in my images of the day, I realise how drawn I am to instances of disharmony and conflict - and so to the possibility of change and renewal. And I like how the old seems to hold on and show resilience, despite our efforts to neaten and improve.

The insight that I gather from this piece of photographic 'noticing' is that, despite the best intentions of 'change agents' and 'consultants,'  transitions of all kind tend to be messy and chaotic - and that we might appropriately honour and celebrate the past rather than let our memories fall into disrepair and hope that no-one notices.

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