7 Days: Day 7 - Looking Back


This picture has been on my iPad for a while and I've added it to my inquiry because it holds something of a haunting quality for me.  I met this guy at Zuccotti Park during the 'Occupy' protest and I see it is just about a year since the protest began. I'm imagining that he was probably struggling to love New York but he still maintained an air of patience, tolerance and dignity. 

But.... thinking deeper about the image and it's meaning for me, I realise that it touches into my 7 Day inquiry quite seriously. Part of my vision for my work is that I find ways to use photography to change things - and this image, emblematic of embedded social issues, lays down perhaps the biggest challenge faced by activists, photo-journalists and organisational change folks like myself.

This stuff matters. So how can we, or more specifically, I, do something constructive and meaningful with this work?

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