Visual Inquiry - Reflections...


I'm looking back at my 7-day inquiry now. Starting to review the story I've told and the insights that I have gleaned from this short exercise. Of course, not all of this translates easily to text - that's the point, but the knowledge still registers in a way that enables us to do something with it.

I realise I have a renewed sense of resolve to continue to work with integrity and meaning in a way that changes the organisations and institutions around us for the better... and to concentrate my time and effort on the people around me who deserve it. And yes, let's not be too serious - this stuff can be great fun too...

I know that when I tell my own story, I don't put enough of myself in the picture. Maybe that's the way of photographers - most of us remain just a little anonymous behind the camera. So as a parting 'shot', here is an image that I made with my Mac when I had finished writing my doctorate. After 4 years and 200 pages, I look a little wide-eyed and shell-shocked but convinced that I had 'done the work' that would be the foundation for my visual consulting.

And, of course, this was also a time when I resolved to make a shift in my work and practice.

So, it's happening.... Onwards!

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