I see you. You see you.

I don't usually use an image twice on LWOE but you may remember this picture of Geoff Mead, storyteller extraordinaire, from a while back

It was one of those moments when I thought, "Yes, that's him..."   

Of course, those who find the camera pointing towards them may see themselves rather differently but, as Geoff often asks if he can use this image in PR material for his work, I guess he sees himself like this too.  I reckon that's a special, visually dialogic moment.  An image that touches someone's sense of identity. I like that...

And today's news is that Geoff has chosen this image for his new book, 'Telling the Story: The heart and soul of successful leadership' which will be published worldwide by Wiley/Jossey Bass in the new year.  

The picture catches Geoff in full story-telling flow on a day when we were working together with a group of leaders.

He was brilliant. The book will be too.



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