Enough Difference...?


Then I looked up and noticed it was Spring....

Hey, it's been a while...

I've been working pretty hard just lately. Life has been a fascinating whirl of inquiry, imagery, travel, coaching and consulting; all of which I absolutely love. It has been a great time and I am extremely grateful for the interest my clients show in my work.

And I also notice that I've been getting tired, jet-lagged and often feeling like I need to be somewhere else.  At the next place on the schedule or with the next client.  These are symptoms that I recognise in many of the great folk with whom I work. They are stressed, tired, travelling, needing to be somewhere else... smartphone to hand... struggling to be present.

Many consultants attempt to be fully involved in their client's world. They gain authority and power through specific subject matter expertise. I have always worked rather differently.

I work with a minimal overlap into my client's working lives. My expertise is fundamentally different to theirs and that's where the creativity lies. And if I join their worlds for too long I know I lose that sense of difference. So success is double-edged; it's great news and yet it corrodes my offer.

Lately I have been politely declining offers of work.  

My clients and I need quality not quantity.

Which means that today I was able to re-familiarise myself with the difference that I bring.