Images; lost and found.


I don't discard many of my old pictures and, today, a slightly troublesome backup disk led me to check out some old shots as I transferred them over to a new drive.

I thought I had 'lost' a folder in the process but later rescued the files from the faulty drive.  As I began to look closely at the images, including this one which is a crop from a previously neglected 'NYC Diner' picture, I began to wonder how many more images I might 'find' in the archives.

Context will always shift our interpretations and I know that the edit that I produced for the gallery show of these images would be different if I did it again today. Ultimately, it feels like the images we produce are as much 'in us' as 'out there'.

Which, of course, can be the basis for the discovery and conversation of a great 'Photo-Dialogue'...