Real Food: Fake Food?

I will admit to having been taken aback by a flyer that arrived in the mail.  

From our local supermarket, it advertised in small type under a bigger logo, the brand's 'real food'. The front image showed strawberries grown in a poly-tunnel ready for Wimbledon and, inside, a small selection of other fruits.

If this was the 'real food', I wondered, what else was sold in the aircraft hangar-sized outlet a few miles away. Surreal Food? Imitation Food?

Or just straight forwardly Fake Food?

I was reminded of the 'cereals aisle' and the hanging banners that separate 'Healthy Cereals' from 'Children's Cereals'. The latter, I guess, containing just sufficient unhealthy colourings and sugars to keep the kids on the verge of ADHD.  I also recalled a bag of potatoes that contained a special information leaflet offering advice on 'cooking healthy potatoes'. I suppose we might forget about putting them in hot water.

Thankfully, our local 'organic man' arrived (Yes, what does that say about the rest of us?) with his version of food a few moments later. 

Here it is.

OK, no instructions, though we did talk about his children's sports day.

But as far as I can remember, this is food.