Good light; good vision

I was touched when a Twitter buddy wished me ‘good light’...

Jumping off a train at London’s Kings Cross it felt like his wishes had come true; one of those ‘sharp light’ London mornings...

I was on my way to a meeting and couldn’t pause to make pictures but I was aware of how much KX has been changing in recent weeks. It was a shock to see buildings that I didn’t recognise and simply hadn’t expected to appear in the fantastically fast development that is now taking shape.

In all honesty, as I have wandered through KX over the last year or so, looking at the hoardings with their pictures of regeneration, I had developed a vision of a new KX that was spacious, expansive, full of light...  But as I walked among the new buildings on the way back to the station, I found myself wondering if the developers would leave us any ‘good light.’

It seems that I had forgotten the reality of modern economics and the need for our city spaces to make a good return. In this land, high is good - space and light are premium products.

Even though this iPhone image poses a few questions, I’m sure that Kings Cross will work out just fine.   But the lesson is not lost on me. Over time, our visions for the future begin to drift and we need to stay in constant negotiation about what is actually emerging.

Simply saying, “There it is: on time, on plan” could still have the capacity to surprise.