The Editor when words run out

I've been struggling with this image of John, the editor of our forthcoming ADOC book. 

Yet, when I say 'struggling', I'm absolutely fine with the idea that this picture expresses the essence of a conversation we had when I asked John to make an image with me that would say something of himself and his editorial work.  

I realise that the creative parts of our personality each work differently; there is no 'cookie cutter' solution, nothing that will easily take any of us on an excursion into that elusive 'blue sky'.  In John's case there is maverick energy and an almost electrical sense of emotion and intensity at the source of his work.  He writes to effect change and meets defensiveness with courage and determination.

In his own words, he says, "I am not the purveyor of comfortable messages."

Coming back to my own struggle with this image, it seems to work with John's message in a way that words and text can't adequately explain. There is something essentially unedited here that I'm not able to express eloquently (or , indeed, at all) at the keyboard.  It works where my own words run out....

And that is precisely why I like it. 


Steve MarshallComment